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BGRS Portable Dust Collectors are designed to handle dirty air, and are useful in venting hoppers, barges and tanks that dry solids such as sand, lime, and fly ash material are being transferred to. Whether the job is at an oilfield drilling sight, shale play, power plant or on the river, our dust collectors can be continuously operated while collecting nuisance dust.

                 2,500 CFM Electric Unit

                 6,000 CFM Electric Unit

               12,000 CFM Diesel Unit

               12,000 CFM Electric Unit

23,000 CFM Electric Unit

24,000 CFM Diesel Unit

45,000 CFM Low Profile Unit

45,000 CFM High Profile Unit

Air to cloth ratios are an important concern when evaluating and comparing dust collector performance. A "low" air to cloth ratio, by itself, does not make one unit better than the other. When comparing other portable dust collector units to BGRS unit specifications, don't make decisions based on air to cloth ratios alone. Many other brand portable dust collector units use a filter cartridge that was originally designed for use in relatively clean air environments. They require 2.5 to 1 air to cloth ratio or lower because the filter media pleats are tightly spaced, and the metal mesh inside and out reduces the "open area" that restricts air flow. Our filter media pleats are wide spaced, and no expanded metal is used on the outside, so dust doesn't get trapped between the pleats or behind the expanded metal. Our elements are designed for use with dirty air streams, to be cleaned continuously with pulsed dry compressed air during operation. Which do you think would work best for your application?