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BGRS, Inc. (originally, Blast Grit Recovery Systems) has manufactured custom Blast-rooms with Ventilation and Blast Grit Recovery Systems since 1978. Many of the systems incorporated pneumatic floor recovery tubes that were built into the floor of the blast room or building foundation. The spent blast grit was vacuumed through the recovery tubes into a cyclone receiver that would de-dust the reclaimed material. A vibrating screen deck removes oversize material (trash) while the good material passes through the screen and airwash separator and falls to the bottom hopper where clean, recycled blast grit is discharged from the unit.

BGRS has provided a de-paint and ventilation system for the U.S. Air Force, using Plastic Blast Media. That system has been operating successfully for several years.

BGRS also designed and produced the first blast room for a manufacturer to demonstrate their Baking-Soda based abrasive blast media technology. The room had a full floor recovery system and ventilation system designed by BGRS, Inc.

We have manufactured complete Blastrooms with many different floor recovery designs as well as Modular Blastrooms that were completed by the customer. The "Concept" of the Modular Blastroom was successful for many years and were developed with improvements over time. Today, we offer the "Concept V" Modular Blastroom. It is the Backwall, of a 10' wide x 10' tall blastroom that could be built by the customer or other contractor. This version of the Modular Blastroom has a dual dust collector that has both Ventilation and Grit Reclaim vacuum fans on the clean side of the system, for long life. The 8' long reclaim trough could be provided for above grade or recessing in the foundation.

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