Double Dump Gate Valves

Double Dump Gate Airlock Valves

The BGRS Double Dump Gate Airlock Valves are designed to the highest standards for a wide variety of solids material handling, pharmaceutical, and food service industries. We have a wide variety of available options, from high capacity to high temperature and triple and triple dual setups for high capacity systems.

The double dump gate provides a perpendicular seat to reduce wear, unlike rotary air locks that use a sweeping/wiping action that increases air leakage/loss and abrasive wear. The double dump gate minimizes this loss, and can be used for more abrasive materials with higher temperatures.

BGRS can provide square or rectangular valves from 6” to 36”, in carbon steel, stainless steel, and specialty metal alloys.We routinely provide spool pieces, square to circular transitions, and other custom ductwork. Our control systems can be customized for NEMA4 or Explosion Proof environments, with telemetry systems for indication/control, and our pneumatic or electric/gravity drive system are designed to minimize maintenance.

In addition to the typical double dump gate valves, we offer alternative configurations:

  • SDG – Single Dump Gate – a single gate may be used as an open/close discharge gate for bulk material loading/unloading where an airlock is not required.
  • TDG – Triple Dump Gate – a triple dump gate system may be used when an airlock is critical during media transfer where material can be trapped within the seal area while a gate is shutting. The third gate provides a better airlock system to the main vessel.


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