frequently asked question

All current BGRS manufactured portable dust collector units are intended for industrial use applications, and require 3-phase electrical power to operate the vacuum blower.

Yes, BGRS manufactured DDG units can be designed to continuously discharge particulate from a dust collector that operates at high static pressure.

BGRS, Inc. respectfully declines to quote gravity double dump gate units because there will always be a concern that both gates may be open at some time. When that happens, there is no air-lock.

 A DDG unit may be considered to continuously discharge material from a Cyclone receiver, providing an adapter component be incorporated into the stack-up design to allow the material to drop out of the cyclone, ahead of the inlet pocket of the DDG.

Although BGRS, Inc. is capable of supplying systems to make low density or high density Lime Slurry, BGRS is not in the business of making Lime Slurry available for sale.

BGRS does not recommend using our portable dust collector units in Wet Spray Paint applications, although some of our customers have used methods of scalping much of the atomized wet paint before the liquid causes damage to (clog) the dirty air filtration media.

Yes. BGRS has, and is capable to manufacture a variety of sizes of portable dust collector units, to assist in controlling dust emissions where solids handling transfers occur, including sand transfers at frac sites. BGRS, Inc. owns a patent on “Systems for Removing and Colleting Dust Particles” that relates to de-dusting proppant and collecting dust particles.

With an exception to Silo Ventilation Dust Collector units, BGRS, Inc. does not wish to compete with large companies that manufacture standard design units for Stationary applications.