Material Storage and Feed Systems

Material Storage and Feed Systems

As a leading material storage and feed systems manufacturing provider, BGRS, Inc. has supplied Lime or Chemical Storage and Feed Systems for municipalities and industrial plants since 1987. Most systems are designed to receive Hydrated Lime from delivery/hopper trucks with blowers that pneumatically convey the material into storage silos. Below the storage silo hopper, the Feed System controls the discharge (feed rate) of chemical to your process or slurry mix tank.

Lime Addition Systems

Other systems BGRS provides are lower-volume Lime Addition Systems that accept bulk bags or sacks of Lime for a batch operation. BGRS will provide standard or custom designed systems to meet a specific need. We could provide a turnkey system that is shop assembled, or the equipment and support for a field assembled system.

Dry Chemical Storage and Dry Chemical Feed Systems

BGRS provides mix tanks with motor control panels for industry and municipalities in conjunction with new or existing Slurry Silo Systems.

Volumetric feeders may be used below the dry product silo discharge to feed material to a sludge belt conveyor at municipal wastewater facilities, or to a slurry mix tank for water softening at water treatment facilities. For industry, the same may be competed for alkali slurry for wastewater treatment or any other process applications.

BGRS custom fabricates feeder support stands with existing or custom designed slurry mix tanks as required. Large slurry mix tanks may have the volumetric feeder supported by a custom frame above the top of the mix tank. We provide silo systems for dry chemical storage and feeding with our cutting edge feed handling solutions.

Slurry Storage and Delivery Systems Solutions

Storage tanks for slurry can be designed to receive slurry from either over the road truck delivery of on-site blending activities. Tanks with agitators, vents, containment, and recirculation system are available in accordance with your specific needs, and designed to achieve your slurry requirements.

Our systems can be designed for alkali (lime or magnesium oxide) or neutral (carbon) applications.

The Following are Examples of Some of Our General Arrangement Drawings