Our Services


BGRS provides Prototype Design Support and Media Screening

Our prototype services consist of constructibility analysis, maintenance improvement/optimization evaluation, and prototype manufacturing. We have worked under multiple non-disclosure agreements with engineering firms, consulting firms, equipment manufacturing firms and oilfield support services. We are experienced in customizing applications to reduce manpower requirements through automation to increase run-time, and connect to existing computerized management and alert systems.

Our media screening services consist of Frac media proponent screening, and virgin blast grit media screening. BGRS would appreciate the opportunity to review your needs for screening of your Copper Slag, Garnet, Steel Grit and Frac Prop Sand material. Our current clients have seen significant reduction in down-time for clearing media-clogged nozzles, following screening of their abrasive media casing cutting materials. BGRS can screen media provided by our clients, or can supply pre-screened copper slag etching media.

Our de-dusting capability, while screening, provides a higher level of accuracy in calculating frac mud density, as the fines are significantly reduced present to increase density and surface tension in the frac mud, and increase on-Site dust migration.