Custom Manufacturing and Assembly

Custom Metal Manufacturing and Assembly

BGRS Inc. is a custom manufacturing and assembly company specializing in metal fabrication and equipment assembly. We design, fabricate and install the structural steel and architectural metal products.

In addition to our standard products, BGRS can provide Custom Manufacturing and Assembly for any of your specialty products. Please provide us with a series of design drawings and specifications to provide you with a competitive price and schedule. We manufacture equipment out of heavy sheet metal, light plate, structural steel, pipe and tube in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or specialty metal. Please provide us with your contract requirements as well for review.

BGRS Inc. offers a variety of custom metal fabrication services and products. We provide custom metal fabrication and assembly of metal products, including architectural metal work, custom metal equipment, equipment trailers, and more. Check examples of our custom assemblies below:

Examples of Custom Industrial Manufacturing and Assembly include:

  1. Rolled flat bar guide rings
  2. Non-code cylinders and storage tanks
  3. Fall protection railing systems and access ladders (with and without cage)
  4. Equipment and pump skids
  5. Custom equipment trailers
  6. Conveyor systems
  7. Specialty Trusses
  8. Anodized aluminum truss screens, canopy frames, and wind screens with galvanized steel mounting frames
  9. Bar Screens
  10. Conveyor loadings and feed hoppers, with and without bar grates
  11. Custom mixing bowls and lids
  12. Transport hoppers with gate valve discharge, designed for batch operations of waste, etc.
  13. Non-code product hoppers with pyramid, conical, or custom transition bottoms, compound transitions, and other custom fabrication
  14. Inlet and Discharge transitions for power and water plants
  15. Architectural Steel Work