Portable dust collectors keep workplaces healthy

BGRS, Inc. Portable Dust Collectors are designed to filter out dust-laden air and to keep each workplace a clean and healthy environment.

BGRS, Inc. was founded in 1976, as a pioneer of excellence in solids-material handling. BGRS began as a provider of portable abrasive blasting equipment, dust collection and recycling systems for the coatings industry, and has been active in the solids-material handling and dust-control equipment industry since 1980.

The BGRS design and manufacturing facility in northwest Harris County has served many industries, including chemical, petrochemical, abrasive blasting, coatings, manufacturing, food services, water and wastewater, energy conveyance, and pharmaceuticals.

Portable Dust Collectors at the Center of it All!

BGRS, Inc. Portable Dust Collectors are designed to filter out dust-laden air and to keep each workplace a clean and healthy environment. Our systems provide superior de-dusting from venting hoppers, barges and tanks, oilfield fracking operations, and any dry-solids handling systems such as sand, lime, and fly-ash material. Whether the job is at an oilfield drilling sight, shale play, power plant or on the river, the BGRS dust collectors can continuously be in operation while collecting nuisance dust.

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BGRS, Inc. systems have a reputation within the industry for the durability of both their units and filter elements. The continuous discharge system, high-quality drive, discharge components, as well as custom filter elements, allow for a longer lifecycle. When evaluating dust-collector performance, air-to-cloth ratios is an important concern but a “low” air-to-cloth ratio alone, does not make one unit better than the other.

Many other portable dust-collector units use a filter cartridge that were originally designed for use in relatively clean air environments. The BGRS filter media pleats are wide spaced and no expanded metal is used on the outside so dust doesn’t get trapped between the pleats or behind the expanded metal. The BGRS elements are designed for use with dirty air streams, to be cleaned continuously with pulsed dry compressed air during operation.

It is design features such as these that have allowed BGRS to provide a safe and efficient working environment for our customers.

Other BGRS Products

The BGRS Double Dump Gate Airlock Valves are designed to the highest standards for a wide variety of solids-material handling, pharmaceutical, and food service industries. BGRS provides a myriad of available options, from high-temperature to triple and triple-dual setups for high-capacity systems.

The double-dump gate provides a perpendicular seat to reduce wear, unlike rotary air locks that use a sweeping/wiping action that increases air leakage/loss and abrasive wear. The double-dump gate minimizes this loss and can be used for more abrasive materials with higher temperatures.

In addition to our Portable Dust Collectors and Double Dump Gates, BGRS offers Lime or Chemical storage, Feed Systems and Industrial Duct Systems.

BGRS Inc. Purchases Hemco Industries

In early 2018, BGRS Inc. began looking to expand its product offering and space. On July 31, 2018, BGRS Inc. acquired Hemco Industries, a leader in safe access, fall protection, and bulk fluid handling systems. From the beginning, both company cultures were in synch and they each had proven track records of providing safe and efficient systems to their customers.

Since 1956, Hemco Industries has been a leading manufacturer of gangways, loading racks, loading ramps, and various other fall protection products for rail cars, tanker trucks, and other applications.  

Hemco now operates as a Division of BGRS Inc., with the entire key management team transitioned to the new division. The Hemco team is excited about the level of experience BGRS adds to the team in custom design and manufacturing capabilities, and the upgrade in facilities and equipment which has allowed both entities to enhance their services and products.

To learn more about BGRS Inc. and to review its full line of solids-material handling and dust-control solutions, visit www.bgrsinc.com.

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