Tamboran Hits Gas At Amungee 2H Well

Tamboran Resources has hit significant gas at the Amungee 2H well that hit a total depth of 12,739 feet.


Tamboran Resources has drilled the Amungee 2H well in EP98 in the Beetaloo Basin, Northern Territory, Australia, to a total depth of 12,739 feet encountering significant gas shows. The well included a 4,183-foot horizontal section, placed in the most prospective zone within the Mid-Velkerri “B Shale” formation.

The A2H well has been drilled and cased with 5-1/2 inch casing, the optimal casing size to place a high-intensity stimulation and on par with modern US unconventional drilling designs. The well was drilled in 38 days (spud to TD) at a total cost of $14.1 million (excluding casing and cementing), slightly ahead of pre-drill design days and budget.

Tamboran is planning up to 24 stimulation stages within the Mid-Velkerri “B Shale”, expected to commence during the first quarter of the calendar year 2023, subject to weather conditions.

Tamboran is fully funding the drilling, stimulation, and flow testing of the A2H well, in accordance with the Stage 3 farm-in agreement (FIA) between Tamboran and Falcon Oil & Gas Australia Limited (Falcon). A comprehensive review of all data across the recently acquired acreage is currently underway. Once finalized, the location of the second and final well of FIA will be selected.

“We are pleased to have drilled and cased the A2H well ahead of budget and schedule. The well intersected the Mid-Velkerri ‘B Shale’ at 2,413 meters vertical depth, in line with pre-drill expectations. The well was drilled with a 1,275-metre horizontal section, which is planned to be stimulated with up to 24 stages during the first quarter of the calendar year 2023, subject to weather conditions,” said, Tamboran Resources Limited Managing Director and CEO, Joel Riddle.

“The key objective of drilling, stimulating, and flow testing the A2H well over the 1,275-metre horizontal section is to determine the gas deliverability of the Mid-Velkerri ‘B Shale’ in the deeper regions of the Beetaloo Basin. Importantly, the well was completed with 5-1/2 inch casing, on par with modern US unconventional drilling designs,” he said.

“From our team’s experience in drilling unconventional wells in North America, this is the optimal casing size to place a high-intensity stimulation. The larger casing diameter is expected to deliver sand and fluid at an increased rate to the perforations during the stimulation. This is a proven concept that has been known to deliver significantly higher production rates and Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) than smaller casing diameter,” added Riddle.

He further noted that the company is looking for the location of the second well, targeted for drilling in 2023. “The site will be finalized following the completion of a comprehensive review of the data within the newly acquired EP 76/98/117 acreage,” concludes Riddle.

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